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How Countries are getting Children back to Class

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The worst hit nations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic are United states, Brazil, India, Russia, Peru, Russia, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, and Iran. Between the struggle to find a cure for the deadly virus and the desire to stabilize economies is the common interest of all nations, to bring the students back to school.  Children are the future of the world and to protect them it was necessary for countries to shutdown schools and colleges. The teaching learning process of classroom was shifted to an online mode and it continues to be online in many countries.  Although, online mode of education does help to engage students academically and keep their brains active but it is not a complete substitute of the classroom face to face interaction. Classroom is more than a room for a student, it is a place where he learns manners, etiquettes, values and also imbibes the knowledge provided. The most crucial advantage of a classroom interaction is that the student can clarify his doubts then and there unlike online classes which tend to answer less student questions due to their time constraint. Some of the schools in China, Netherlands, and America opened with cautionary steps taken to ensure the prevention of COVID-19 virus. Some of the steps taken were as follows:

  • The children have to be dropped away from the campus.
  • A mandatory temperature check is necessary before entering the school gates.
  • Social distancing has to maintained by students and teachers equally within the campus.
  • More medical staff was hired to keep the spread of virus at check.
  • Wearing masks is important for entry into the school.

Apart from these steps many schools and colleges also changed the siting arrangement of the classes, providing more gap between two desks. However, for developing countries with huge population such as India, bringing students back to classes is still an uphill task. Countries that cannot afford to fully open their schools and colleges are practicing techniques of blended learning to educate their children. Blended learning is a mix of in person interaction with educators and online mode of learning. It is convenient for most of the students to come to school or college in between online classes for assignment help or homework help. This way they are also able to utilize resources from library. College students also benefit from blended learning, the students who seek subject specific assistance, for example, management assignment help can arrange a meet up with their subject teacher and benefit from it. Experts go on to the extent of saying that since we have become heavily dependent on internet and technology, normal classroom teaching is now difficult to start again. Blended learning is the future of education and educational institutions won’t ever be the same again. There is only a ray of hope for classroom education to start again when any COVID-19 vaccine will cross all the trails and will be freely available in the market for vaccination.